Quality and efficiency – a winning combination for this cheesemaker

Jun 2, 2016 | News, Trade press

Lagafors has been active on the Turkish market since 2010. Through hard work by Belkim, our local distributor, we have managed to establish a reputation as a reliable supplier in the high-end segment. Our name stands for quality products, and efficient and effective cleaning results.
Quality doesn’t sell itself, despite the fact that an investment in quality pays off in the long run. Many companies prefer to ignore quality problems and continue working as they have always done. But there are exceptions. Companies that dare to question the status quo—and win.

Reha Milk is a Turkish dairy that, among other products, is very successful on the grill cheese market. When it was time to purchase a new cleaning system for the company’s facilities in Izmir, the company management decided to skip other alternatives in favour of an internationally tried and proven product – from Lagafors.

With enthusiastic assistance from our Turkish distributor Belkim, we taught Reha about the advantages of our products, our hygiene philosophy, and what efficient and effective cleaning mean. The customer appreciated Lagafors’ wide range of products and decided on our decentralized cleaning system, DCS, with four satellite stations.

The system was installed in the summer of 2014 and looking back at the last two years, Reha’s representatives are very pleased with the results. They appreciate that the system is easy to use and that the system components, despite the effectiveness they deliver, are relatively compact.

Factory Manager Fuat Ugur mentions more benefits:
“Now we can clean the factory much faster than before, while at the same reducing both costs and our environmental impact by using much less water in the cleaning process. But most importantly: during this period, we have not had the slightest problem with hygiene in our production facilities.”
When asked if he would recommend Lagarfors products to others, Fuat Ugur says:
“Yes, absolutely.”
Together with our distributor Belkim and their CEO Selim Belgin, we have invested a lot of time and resources reaching out to the Turkish food-processing industry. These efforts are now beginning to pay off”, says Martin Johansson, Key Account Manager at Lagafors and Market Manager for Turkey.
“Quality takes time to sell, and we are very positive about our prospects on the Turkish market”, Martin ends.

Murat Ozkan and Fuat Ugur on the picture are the Production Manager and Factory Manager, respectively, at Reha Milk in Izmir, a maker of grill cheese. In 2014, they installed a DCS system with four satellite units and are very pleased with the results.