Stationary Spray Bar – SSB

Lagafors® stationary spray bar, SSB, were developed for effective cleaning of conveyor belts and other conveyor systems in the food processing industry. Can be supplied with media from a satellite station using a regular hose or, which we recommend, using a pipe from a Lagafors® Automatic Cleaning System, ACS II. Please see separate product sheet. The product series is divided into two main groups: Fixed and rotating bars.

Rotating bars for flushing increase the cleaning effectiveness and reduce water consumption. Fixed bars can be used anywhere, but are especially suitable for tight spots (e.g. the inside of a conveyor belt). Fixed bars can also used to apply chemical and disinfectant foam solutions.

• Fixed positions for water as well as chemical and disinfectant solutions.
• Rotating bars for increased cleaning effectiveness and reduced water consumption.
• Available in all sizes between 200 mm and 800 mm (larger sizes can also be supplied).

SSB Product sheet (PDF)


  • Conveyor flushing (stationary, rotating)
  • Fixed spray bar
  • Rotating spray bar


  • 100% coverage
  • Reduced work effort
  • Space-efficient
  • Increased cleaning effectiveness


  • Maximize hygienic results
  • Lower costs
  • Suitable for tight spots
  • Lower water consumption