Satellite Station – VMS II-DC S/D/T

The Lagafors® Variable Media Satellite, VMS II-DC, is a further development and improvement on our previous VMS-DC unit. We’ve trimmed the unit’s measurements and improved its service-friendliness. This unit is a hygienically designed, stainless steel satellite station for water-rinsing, chemical solution application and disinfection.

The VMS II-DC unit is wall-mounted in the production area/kitchen and is suitable for water pressures from 10–160 bar (145–2,320 psi). The satellite station features clearly marked suction hoses for chemical and disinfectant solutions. The operator can easily shift between different media with one easy maneuver.

Concentrated chemicals are extracted from containers placed in the satellite station’s immediate vicinity. Pressurized air is connected to the VMS II-DC unit. For increased capacity, we also offer the VMS II-DCT, which can handle up to three different chemical solutions (e.g. alkaline, acidic and disinfectant).

5 year ”Lagafors Limited Warranty”.

The VMS II-DC unit is comprised of:
• Ball valves for water, chemical solution and air.
• Suction hoses for chemical and disinfectant solutions.
• Stainless steel, acid-resistant injectors for chemical/disinfectant solutions.
• Openable, stainless steel hood for easy maintenance.

VMS II-DC S/D/T Product sheet (PDF)


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Suction hoses
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Few parts



  • Hygienic and robust material
  • Easy to change between different chemicals
  • Time effective
  • Time and cost efficient service



  • Suitable for food processing facilities and restaurants
  • Time saving
  • Lower installation costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs