Mobile Satellite Unit – MSU

With the Lagafors® Mobile Satellite Unit, MSU, the customer can place a satellite unit (VMS II DC) on a stainless steel trolley that can then be connected to various outlet centres. This unit provides water rinsing and application of chemical and disinfectant solutions in areas which otherwise might not justify a fixed satellite unit or, alternatively, allow a choice between different chemical options. Suitable for all types of food-processing industries.

The outlet centre is mounted on a wall and supplied with pressurized water (10–160 bar) and pressurized air. The unit is connected using quick-couplings.

For customers with a CCS system, this device can be used as a backup system or the use of any alternative chemical. Can be connected to all satellite stations.

The satellite unit features clearly marked suction hoses for chemical and disinfectant solutions. The operator can easily shift between different media. Concentrated chemicals are extracted from containers placed on the trolley. The trolley can also be equipped with a stainless steel hose reel.

The MSU concept includes:
• Connection point for water and pressurized air
• Stainless steel trolley with connection hoses for water and pressurized air
• Optional CDE or VMS-II DC satellite
• Optional hose kit and nozzles
• Hose reel can be mounted on the trolley as an option

MSU Product sheet (PDF)


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Mobile
  • Easy to install and connect
  • All-in-One



  • Hygienic and robust material
  • Covers large areas
  • Time effective
  • Everything on one trolley


  • Suitable for food processing facilities and restaurants
  • Low investment cost
  • Lower installation costs
  • Complete hygiene unit