Low Water Pressure Pump – LWP 10

Lagafors® LWP 10 (Low Water Pressure, Stationary Booster), is designed for cleaning with pressurized water and it is to be connected to a number of Lagafors® Variable Media Satellites (VMS II).

The LWP is especially appropriate for cleaning applications in food processing, e.g. in dairies, breweries, fish industries, prepared food industries, industrial kitchens and other places where a high level of hygiene is required.

• Working pressure 10-12 bar
• LTS compatible, giving the customer full control over their cleaning process *
• Floor-standing unit
• Unit is intended for central placement (non-production areas)
• Both water supply from tank and pressurized (1-6 bar) is possible. Specified when ordering

* Only units with frequency inverter

LWP 10 Product sheet (PDF)


  • Increases the pressure on outgoing media
  • Flexibility in flow and pressure
  • Constant pressure on outgoing media
  • Vertical multistage centrifugal pump
  • Frequency-controlled pump



  • Better cleaning energy on surfaces
  • Multiple options
  • Ergonomical and safe for the user
  • Reliable and robust pump model
  • Optimal energy consumption


  • From 0-6 bar up to 10-12 bar
  • 0-200 lit/min
  • Insignificant pressure variations
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low operating costs


Water savings up to


Labor savings up to