Lagafors “Limited Warranty” Terms

  • A written maintenance contract must be signed with Lagafors, or its appointed distributor, in order for the Limited Warranty to apply. Minimum one maintenance visit per year.
  • Valid from the day of dispatch from Lagafors, Sweden, and for the number of years stated on the stamp of the data sheet, or specified in the inquiry.
  • Lagafors and the customer must agree on the Limited Warranty claim, for it to come into effect.


  1. Errors in construction, material or manufacturing.
  2. Replacement parts and transport to customer site.
  3. Transport cost for returning of failed parts.

Does not include

  1. Tear and Wear parts.
  2. Labour-, and travelling costs for replacing failed parts.
  3. Errors due to wrong handling of equipment, and use outside of specification.


Yours Sincerely,
Lagafors Fabriks AB

Martin Johansson
Product manager