Lagafors has the will to give that little extra

Apr 21, 2020 | News

Lagafors has been on the Australian market for about fifteen years. The biggest customer is the hygiene service provider Sanikleen Group (SKG), which in a short time bought large volumes from us. SKG use Lagafors equipment every day and is very happy with function and durability.

Here is a statement from Daniel Crozier, CEO, Sanikleen Group:

With high ambitions from the start
“SKG was founded in Melbourne in 1998 with the ambition to become a leading hygiene service provider to the domestic food industry. The goal was not just to provide first-class cleaning services, the idea was to offer customers an innovative, total quality solution of the highest quality. During the first ten, twelve years we were far from that goal. Since the foam equipment (of various makes) available was neither robust enough nor reliable for the work environment, we were not always able to deliver the results we wanted. ”

Ten years of work with good results
“The turnaround came in 2010, when we first made contact with Lagafors. We then decided to install their equipment in a factory for testing.The success of the experiment is an understatement. Finally, we felt that we could promise the quality that our customers had the right to expect.Shortly thereafter, we began work on switching to Lagafor’s system in all our facilities.We have now installed and used Lagafor’s system for ten years – and are just as satisfied as our customers. Although the equipment is a bit more expensive in purchasing, repair and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced, which saves money over time. In addition, the cleaning result is by far good.In addition, there are all central pump units with logging and traceability (LTS), which Lagafors is the only one to deliver. ”

Everything for the customer – it’s that simple
As for our relationship, Dan has the following to say: “In miles, it is a long way between Laholm and Melbourne, but the distance is easily bridged by Lagafors. Their wide range of services, attention to detail and helpfulness with everything from small components to large installations make them a highly valued partner. Not only because of the quality and innovation they are known for, but mainly because they really have the will to give that little extra … For our sake, they literally go to the end of the world. I’m really looking forward to what comes next. ”

Quality costs – and pays off
Nowadays, SKG not only provides first-class hygiene services, they offer comprehensive solutions for satisfied customers. They also look ahead by further training the staff. The schedule states, among other things. maintenance, troubleshooting and seeing new sales opportunities. And everything contributes to a positive spiral. – Thanks to companies like SKG, Australia, after a slow start, has become a key market for us, says Martin Johansson, Export Manager at Lagafors. Daily use of a growing number of facilities in most of Australia’s states is clear evidence of how satisfied SKG is with our equipment. – Everyone gets the quality they pay for, just as it should be, concludes Martin Johansson.